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Partnering with other security providers to enhance their customers' service experience, we provide professionally trained security dogs on a monthly rental basis.


Canine Specialists retain ownership of the dogs and are responsible for the overall health and wellbeing of all of our dogs on site, ensuring that they are dipped, de-wormed and vaccinated according to a predetermined schedule.


Regular site visits are conducted to evaluate the condition of our dogs both physically and mentally and where necessary, dogs may be returned to our kennels for relaxation and/or re-training and a temporary replacement dog is deployed on site. When dogs are ill we take them to the vet for treatment.


We use German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boerboel and Malinois dogs for security.

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Included with each deployment:

⦁ Dog Kennel

⦁ Igloo

⦁ Handling Equipment

⦁ Grooming Equipment

⦁ Food & Water Bowls

⦁ Dog Food (delivered to site monthly)

Benefits of using professionally trained dogs:

⦁ Dogs are incorruptible

⦁ Unlike firearms, dogs cannot be used against their handlers

⦁ Dogs can detect intruders in conditions that humans cannot

⦁ They provide early detection of unauthorized entry

⦁ They are an effective psychological deterrent for criminals

⦁ Provide an additional barrier for would-be criminals to disable

⦁ No human has the speed and stamina to outrun a dog

⦁ They provide effective assistance in the apprehension of suspects



Initial deployment of the dogs was seamless

and the quality of after sales service supersedes

that of any contractor we have utilized since

inception of our services at OR Tambo in 2004.





We have great pleasure to be associated

with Canine Specialists and Security Services.

They deliver an excellent service and the dogs

supplied are of a high quality and well trained.

I shall recommend their services to one and all

in the industry.  


Partnering with Bosasa Security Services at O.R.

Tambo International Airport

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