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Professional Dog Training

Pet Owners

At Canine Security we have two divisions when it comes to training:

Firstly, we have the normal Dog Training department. Here we receive problematic dogs, which are either aggressive, scared, have no discipline or struggle to socialise with other dogs for example. Anything that makes the owner's and dog's live hard.

Secondly we offer Security Training. Here dogs are taught the security skills like protection, attack and safety for the necessary tasks. Security companies rent our trained dogs that we offer or bring their own to be trained for the specific purpose. 


Inboard Training


Training a dog requires time, patience and consistent effort and for those of us who are unable to make the commitment necessary for success, inboard training is the solution.

The main purpose of this training is to bring out the best in your dog. For them to bring out their natural instincts. This also makes the dog and owner feel more proud and powerful when a foundation is set to understand and to be understood better.

The dog stays in our kennels for a period of three to four weeks, where he/she receives professional training in obedience and / or protection on a daily basis. This training programme mainly focuses on the dogs well-being and for them to be as comfortable as possible.

Each Saturday Morning the owner(s) can come and see their dogs also to receive training like how to communicate and handle them.


A lot of people also want their dogs to protect their families from any threat. This is more of a protection programme which initially lets the dog stay longer than the normal Dog Training duration. 

The owner will also receives training here as well to learn the specific commands and movements for effective communication to take place. 

Canine Specialists Services offers the following training courses:


  • Certified DH to DH level training for Dog Handler.

  • Dog Handler Induction Training over a period of one day - Focuses on the basic handling and care for a service dog. This service is free to our Dog Rental clients. Handlers are issued with a certificate on completion of the course.

We also offer a variety of three Programmes for your dog. 

We strive in ensuring that your dog is comfortable at best, yet set out to train them to their fullest potential in which ever training programme you choose and will suite both yourself and your dog. 


Obedience Programme

3 - 4 weeks period 

Obedience + Protection

6 Weeks period 



(sniffer dog training)

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